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In class we are inquiring into the notion of identity. More specifically, we are looking at how:

Our identity is shaped by experiences, beliefs and values.

I would like to share some tools that allow us to share our experiences, beliefs and values with others.

One of these tools is called Wordle.

Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds via kwout

As you can read from the excerpt above, wordle makes ‘word clouds’ out of text that you give them. In order to learn a bit about what you are interested in and what is important to you, I would like you to do a wordle about yourself!

Here are a couple I made:

Captured from

Captured from

I would like you to follow 2 important steps to create your wordle:

Step 1

Use a Word document first to type all the words that are important to you.

If there are 2 words you want to stay together (e.g. Mrs Beasley), you need to type the ~ key between them (e.g. Mrs~Beasley). You can find the ~ key on the top left corner of your keyboard, under the Esc key. You also need to hold the shift key down to make it work.

If you want to make your name (or any other word) stand out, then type it several times. The more times you type it, the bigger it will be.Don’t forget to check your spelling!

Save your work in your personal file. That way, if you make a mistake and lose your wordle, you’ll still have the text you wrote, so you can make another one quickly.

Step 2

Wordle allows you to print photos or put them in a public gallery. As we have Jing software installed on our computers we can highlight your wordle and save it as a .jpg file so we can use it later. If we use Jing to capture our wordles, we must be academically honest and acknowledge where the picture came from.One of the ways we can do this is by keeping Wordle in our file name (e.g. saving the .jpg Mrs Beasley Wordle). That helps remind us where it came from. Another important way we can be academically honest is by putting a caption under the picture wherever we use it. Have a look at my wordles above and you will see I have done this.

Now it’s your turn. Remember to open a Word document and start typing there first!

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  2. Hello! from Lansing, Michigan, USA.

    I teach 6th grade English (11-12 year olds) in the midwest of the United States.

    Oddly enough, my kids–my students–began working with Wordle on this past Friday. They copied some text from a class book to get used to the web site, and next week I am having them create a Wordle using lyrics from a favorite song. So far, they really like making Wordles.

    Anyhow, I saw your comment on the Edublogger, and took you up on your invitation to drop by!

    Take care,
    Tim Madden

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