Essential Agreement for Blogging

Grade 4 did a lot of new learning last week – we experimented with using the chat function in StudyWiz to discuss ways of being a principled blogger. Students read the blogging guidelines I gave them (based on guidelines developed by and chatted about whether they agreed or not, or thought things needed to change.

For many, it was the first experience of using chat. They quickly learned the appropriate etiquette of replying to a person using the @ symbol, and were very respectful.

Lots of excellent discussion came as a result of the chat: reasons why  we needed to be responsible for anything posted in our own name made us more aware of the importance of keeping our passwords safe. We looked at reasons that we should try to use correct spelling. We reworded some of the information I originally had on academic honesty so it was more student-friendly.

One thing I particularly liked about the chat feature is that everyone wrote a comment. If we were having a face to face discussion, not everyone would have participated. I am sure some people asked questions they wouldn’t normally have asked.

Here is our final Essential Agreement:

Essential Agreement for Being a Principled Blogger

Get your own at Scribd or explore others: blogs
This is a very quick reflection one class did on the positives and negatives of chatting.

3 thoughts on “Essential Agreement for Blogging

  1. Hello!

    I stumbled upon your blog and found your discussion about responsible blogging. My class had a similar discussion after we noticed that the comments left on our blog did not match the same high expectations in their homework and school work. A rubric was created to guide their comments at our blog. However, I like the positive, “I Will” statements in your blogging agreement. If it’s alright, I’d like to use something like that with my students.

    Grade 4 – Keep up the great commenting and hard work!

    – Mr. Lund

  2. Thanks for finding us in New Zealand! I tried to make you blog linked to us through your RSS feed but it wouldn’t take it and said it couldn’t detect the blog… I’ll try again tomorrow its nearly the end of the year but very keen to network at the end of this year or the start of next. Go Kiwi’s!

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