Animation – our first efforts

The students have been really engaged in their animation. The information they have shared about the various body systems is extremely impressive.

We have had some challenges:

  • Recording dialogue in a room with 15 other kids recording dialogue means that background noise was quite a big issue! I will need to rethink how this can be done more successfully next time.
  • Software issues (e.g. bugs with background pictures or dialogue not working properly) meant that some kids had to create a new animation to eliminate problems. Even though it was a nuisance, once the hard work of recording dialogue and selecting backgrounds had been completed the first time, it was only a case of reloading it.
  • Hardware issues – we had some headphones ‘die’ on us. RIP.
  • Exporting issues – again, the problem of exporting the videos in a classroom situation where kids are discussing things means that some videos have background noise on them.

Our first attempts don’t have background music on them (time restraints!), but hopefully the information remains the most important part of the animation. Here’s Alex’s animation – Well done Alex!

3 thoughts on “Animation – our first efforts

  1. Hello Mrs Buwc. This is Fiona Beal from Cape Town (specifically Fish Hoek which is a part of Cape Town) South Africa. I have been looking at and enjoying your blog. I am the computer teacher at Fish Hoek Primary but I am not at the animation stage yet – want to get there though. I have done a Senior Citizens/Grandparents project with one of my Gr 4/5 classes. I wondered if your students could write in my class individual blogs (listed own the side of the main blog) and tell us something about their grandparents. We would love the connection and information. I’ll keep watching your blog to learn more.
    Please view our blog at
    Many thanks

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