Reflections on Sibu

I hope you had a fantastic trip to Sibu. Please look through the voicethread below, sign in using the username and password I have given you and leave a comment.

Take the time to write a meaningful reflection. Listen carefully to my comment as it contains instructions about what you might comment on. It’s not just about how much fun you had – it’s about what you learned.

Respond to other people’s comments.

Agree or politely disagree with others, explaining your reasons.

I look forward to hearing your reflections.

Identity – reflecting on what we’ve learned

You have created some wonderful Wordles that represent you and your interests – well done! Your photos are quirky to say the least, but that’s how I like them!

We have explored the places we have lived using Google Earth, which gives us a bit more information on each other’s experiences.

It’s now time to think back over what we have learned. Please click on the link below and complete the survey.

Grade 4 IT Reflection